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2018 Biblical Series – Noah’s Dove 2 oz High-Relief Rimless Silver Coin

2018 Biblical Series - Noah's Dove 2 oz High-Relief Rimless Silver Coin2018 Biblical Series – Noah’s Dove 2 oz High-Relief Rimless Silver Coin

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The Scottsdale Mint released its 19th coin of the Biblical Series – “Noah’s Dove” 1st coin for 2018! The Scottsdale Mint Biblical Series featuring iconic biblical scenes on a 2 oz of .999 fine Silver coin and all coins having a limited mintage of 1499 coins worldwide. Scottsdale Mint has done an outstanding job of showcasing different biblical scenes through their creative designs on each coins in the Biblical Series. Each coin has a diameter of 39mm, 6mm thickness and weighs 2 troy ounces.

According to the Biblical story, the Great Flood created by God as punishment to humans and Noah was told to build an Ark to save two of each of the animals to ensure their survival. The great Flood was last for 150 days and nights as per the Old Testament of the Bible, the Book of Exodus. Noah’s Ark was a huge ship that was built to be large enough to carry two of each animal species along with Noah & his family.

The reverse of this 2018 Noah’s Dove antique finish coin depicts the disastrous and famous Great Flood and the Noah’s arc thriving through it and the dove flying offering peace and hope. The coins serial number is laser-etched to its 6mm edge. The obverse of the Noah’s Dove 2 oz Silver Coin features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by the designer Raphael Maklouf, surrounded by the weight “2 OZ” , purity “999 FINE SILVER” and face value “NIUE 2 DOLLARS”. This high-relief rimless coin presented in in a gift box which looks like the Bible and accompanied with a special antique finish certificate of authenticity.

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