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Canadian Banknote Signatures

Signatures on Bank of Canada Banknotes,

Beattie Signature –  J.R. Beattie

J.R. Beattie Signature

Bonin Signature – B. Bonin

B. Bonin Signature

Bouey Signature – G.K. Bouey

G.K. Bouey signature1

Boville Signature – T.C. Boville

T.C. Boville Signature

Campbell Signature  –  C.E. CampbellC.E. Campbell Signature Carney Signature – M. CarneyM. Carney Signature1
Clark Signature –  W.C. ClarkW.C. Clark Signature Courtney Signature – J.M. CourtneyJ.M. Courtney Signature
Coyne Signature – James E. CoyneJames E. Coyne Signature Crow Signature – J.W. CrowJ.W. Crow Signature
Dickinson Signature – W. DickinsonW. Dickinson Signature Dodge Signature – D.A. DodgeD.A. Dodge Signature
Gordon Signature – Donald GordonDonald Gordon signature Harington signature – T.D. HaringtonT.D. Harington signature
Hyndman Signature – Geo W. HyndmanGeo W. Hyndman Signature Lawson Signature -R.W. LawsonR.W. Lawson Signature
Jenkins Signature – W.P. JenkinsJenkins Signature Knight Signature – M.D. KnightM.D. Knight Signature
Macklem Signature – T. MacklemT. Macklem Signature McCavour Signature – S.P. McCavourS.P. McCavour Signature
Osborne signature – J.A.C. OsborneJ.A.C. Osborne signature

Poloz Signature – Stephen S. Poloz

Stephen S. Poloz Signature

Rasminsky Signature – L. RasminskyL. Rasminsky Signature Saunders Signature – J.C. SaundersJ.C. Saunders Signature
Thiessen signature – G.G. ThiessenG.G. Thiessen signature Towers Signature – Graham F. TowersGraham F. Towers Signature
Sellar Signature – Watson SellarWatson Sellar Signature Wilkins Signature – Carolyn A. WilkinsCarolyn A. Wilkins Signature
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