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The First World War Aviation 100th Anniversary Commemorative Two Pound Coin

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The First World War Aviation 100th Anniversary commemorative Two Pound CoinWWI Aviation 100th Anniversary commemorative Two Pound Coin

The Royal Mint’s 2017 First World War Aviation 100th Anniversary commemorative coin pays tribute to the First World War’s heroes of the skies. The 2017 Aviation coin is the fourth in a five-coin series – First World War “from outbreak to armistice” – which pays tribute to the men and women who fought in the First World War. The Royal Air Force was officially formed on 1 April 1918 to defend the skies over Great Britain. This is the world’s oldest independent air force. The coins have been designed in collaboration with the Imperial War Museums.

The coin was designed by Dan Flashman of Tangerine Design, features an engraving of a pilot and his observer flying a Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 plane over the battle of Arras as they perform a reconnaissance mission. The plane is rendered in great detail, the land is shown as a map illustrating the importance of pilots who played major role in creating reliable maps and intelligence in unfamiliar and constantly changing landscapes by risking their lives. The writing around the coin’s obverse reads “1914-1918 The War In The Air“. Lettering around the edge reads as “The Sky Rained Heroes“. The obverse has the stunning Fifth Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark.

Precious metal commemorative editions of the Aviation £2 coin in Gold Proof, Silver Proof and Silver Proof Piedfort are available to purchase online at www.royalmint.com.

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