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Yodelling Silver Coin from The Swiss Mint



2017 Yodelling Silver Coin from The Swiss Mint Swiss Mint Yodelling Silver Coin

The art of yodelling features on latest silver coin from the Swiss Mint, yodelling is one of the country’s most familiar and recognisable national activities. It is the second pair of coins from the Swiss Mint and celebrates a pair of subjects that are quintessentially Swiss. The first features a beautiful steamship that resides on Lake Lucerne called ‘Uri’ and the design of the is a fine representation of the ship. The symbol of the ship’s operator, SGV (Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees) sits at the top of the coin and there are inscriptions carrying the name of the ship and the coin designer.

The vocal skill of yodelling originated as a call from mountain to mountain; it was an effective way of communicating from one alpine farmstead to another. Yodelling eventually developed into song in the 19th century, usually as the choruses of folk songs. The coin’s design is the work of Gabriel Giger, from Leuk-Stadt in the Canton of Valais. The reverse includes the text CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA and the year of issue, along with the coin’s denomination, on a simple and clear field. The obverse of both coins are identical and the same as the earlier Reformation coin launched in January. These silver coins are minted of 0.835 silver and weighing 20 grams each.


Denom. Metal Weight Diameter Quality Mintage Limit
20 francs .835 silver 20 g 33 mm Uncirculated 30,000
20 Francs .835 silver 20 g 33 mm Proof 5,000

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