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2018 Australian Koala 2 Kilo Silver High Relief Coin

2018 Australian Koala 2 Kilo Silver High Relief Coin 2018 Australian Koala 2 Kilo Silver High Relief Coin

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The Perth Mint has released the 2018 2 kilo silver coin, featuring the Australian koala, one of Australia’s most beloved native animals. This unique coin minted by The Perth Mint from 2 kilos of 99.99% pure silver and the coin is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965 with a face value of $60 (AUD). Each coin is unique as it has been individually crafted to give it a unique antique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact.
The obverse of the coin features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II deigned by Ian Rank-Broadley and the face Value “60 DOLLARS” along with “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA”. The reverse of the coin depicts an adult koala sleeping in an eucalyptus tree surrounded by gumnuts, gum leaves and gum blossoms and also includes the inscription Australian Koala 2018 2 Kilo 9999 Silver. The Perth Mint will release only 200 of these Australian Koala 2018 2 Kilo Silver Antiqued High Relief Coins. All coins are comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. All the 200 coins are presented in a clear casing and sits in decorative black wooden case.

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