2020 Republic of Cameron “Stone Figures of Easter Island” Pure Silver Coin

2020 Rapa Nui coin

The Mint of Poland released the 2020 “Rapa Nui” 2 oz Pure Silver Antiqued Coin with Resin and Real Lava Insert. The coin produced as a tribute to the amazing gigantic stone statues known as “Moai”. The 2020 Rapa-Nui coin is a legal tender with the face value of 2000 Francs CFA (Cameroon). The coin weighs 62.20 grams and has a diameter of 45 millimeters. Coin minted of 99.99 pure silver with Resin and Lava insert. Click here to view the coin.

Easter Island located in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,300 miles from Chile’s west coast and with approx. 163,6 square kilometers of Surface area. The Island Known as Rapa Nui by its earliest inhabitants. When the Dutch Explorer Jacob Roggeveen arrived at Easter Island on the Easter Day of 1722, they renamed the island to “Easter Island”. In 1888, Chile annexed Easter Island for farming and in 1965 the Chilean government appointed a civilian governor for Easter Island. UNESCO named Easter Island as a World Heritage Site in 1995.

2020 Rapa Nui coin

The Moai’s- large human-faced statues and torso buried underground – at Easter Island baffled the scientists since its discovery. There are more 1,000 statues on this small Pacific Island, most of them are buried underground. The gigantic statues were carved from volcanic rock between A.D. 1100 and 1500 by the ancient Polynesians. The largest Moai (known as “PARO”) is approx. 33 feet (10 meters), weighs 82 tons and all the Moai’s are placed though the coastal line. How the ancient people moved these heavy statues from the carving site which is 6 kilometers away, is still unknown and their purpose is also still a mystery.

The 2020 Rapa Nui coin features the largest Moai – “Paro”. At the reverse of the coin, Paro’s pukao (the carving in top of the head) is made of actual volcanic lava and blue sea on the background is made of blue resin. The obverse shows the map of the island with the major locations of “Moai” statues marked on it along with issuing year (2020), face value (2000 Francs CFA) and the issuing Country (REPUBLIQUE DE CAMEROUN). The coin having a limited mintage of 500 coins worldwide.

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