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Stamp Collection – Philately

The hobby of stamp collecting is called philately, and the collectors are known as philatelists. Stamp collecting started with the issue of the first postage stamp postage stamp. Great Britain issued the first ever postage stamp on May 6, 1840. Stamp collecting can be a rewarding hobby and can do as an investment. Knowing the right stamps to collect is a critical part of a stamp collection.

Philately has been a hobby since the issue of the first stamp. The Penny Black was the first postage stamp issued and was printed in Britain on May 6, 1840.The first stamp albums appeared in the 1860’s. Since the presence of Penny Black in the nineteenth century, stamps have ended up a standout amongst the most fancied objects of collectors. Little bits of blurred paper honoring memorable countenances and epic occasions that used to decorate yellow envelopes got by our far precursors are currently might worth a fortune.

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