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Reagan $1 Roll-out from US Mint

US Mint Sales: Reagan $1 Roll-Out


2016-Ronald-Reagan-1-Coin-Cover       2016 Ronald Reagan $1 Coin

On Aug. 18, the U.S. Mint released its 2016 Ronald Reagan $1 Coin Cover. The product for collectors holds two circulating-quality Reagan dollars from the first day of production at their minting facilities in Philadelphia and Denver.

This last issue in the American Presidency $1 Coin Cover Series logged four-day sales of 12,902, the quickest start since the 2015 John F. Kennedy $1 Coin Cover registered opening sales of 14,722. More recently, the immediate previous cover with 2016 Ford dollars debuted with 10,499 sold while the first 2016-dated issue with Nixon dollars started with sales of 10,975.

Weekly U.S. Mint Top Sellers

The new coin cover was the Mint’s top weekly seller. Here’s a showing of the agency’s most popular products for the week ended Aug 14:

  1. 2016 Reagan Presidential $1 Coin Covers (+12,902)
  2. 2016 Proof Set (+3,844 to 360,245)
  3. 2016 Silver Proof Set (+2,531 to 248,013)
  4. 2016 Mint Set (+1,708 to 188,834)
  5. 2015 Native American (P) $1 Coin roll (+807 to 17,986)
  6. 2015 Native American (D) $1 Coin roll (+807 to 18,391)
  7. 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set (+769 to 181,783)
  8. 2016 Ronald Reagan (P) $1 Coin Rolls (+766 to 36,631)
  9. 2016 Ronald Reagan (D) $1 Coin Rolls (+656 to 33,883)
  10. 2016-P Presidential $1 Three-Coin Set (+531 to 4,143)

The U.S. Mint published sales updates to 240 collector products. Eighty-two of them outperformed their prior weekly sales compared to 96 previously. Three products increased by more than 1,000 units compared to 6 in the last report.

Also, and like in the last report, six products saw their sales total reduced. For a seventh straight week, the 2016-W Proof American Platinum Eagle was among them. Its weekly losses include amounts of 192; 166; 165; 10; 61; 35 and now 6. Its new total is 9,183 of the originally allotted 10,000 coins. Finally, sales of the gold Mercury dime slipped by 1 to settle at 15,448.

Courtesy :Coinnews net

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