Cameroon Moments of Love -“KamaSutra” 3 Oz Silver Coin

Moments of Love – “KamaSutra” Pure Silver Coin

The republic of Cameron released “Kama Sutra” the first coin in Moments of Love series. This 3 oz. Pure silver coin produced by Mint 21, based on the Ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality “The Kama Sutra”. The 3D printed Kama Sutra Coin is a legal tender in Cameroon with a face value of 3000 Francs.

The obverse of the coin features the faces of a man and a woman looking face to face along with the inscriptions of Issuing country – “REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN,” the year of issue “2019”, and the face value “3000 FRANCS CFA”. The reverse of the coin features a man and woman in a passionate kiss and an erotic mood. On the left side of the lovers, the background shows a colorful floral pattern. The reverse also reads the inscriptions, the name of the coin – “KAMA SUTRA” and the name of the series – “Moments of Love” in gold plating.

The Kama Sutra is the oldest surviving Hindu text on erotic love, was written in Sanskrit, attributed to an Indian philosopher, Vatsyayana. In Sanskrit, Kama means sensual or sexual pleasure, and Sutra means the guidelines and this book considered to be the oldest standard work on human sexual behavior. The Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh, India is famous for its sculpts of all the major chapters and sexual positions in the Kamasutra. The original composition date or period of the Kamasutra is still a mystery; It believed that the book was written in between 400 BCE and 300 CE. Kama Sutra has 1250 verses, distributed over 36 chapters in 64 sections, organized into seven books. Kama Sutra is one of the most translated Indian books.

The coin Made of .999 pure silver and with an antique finish. This gold plated 3oz.coin having a diameter of 55mm. The coin shipped in a beautiful case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. The Kama Sutra coin having a limited mintage of 500 pcs worldwide.

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