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Royal Mint released the 2017 200th anniversary commemorative gold sovereigns


2017 Royal Mint 200th anniversary gold sovereigns2017 Royal Mint 200th anniversary gold sovereigns

The Royal Mint released The 2017 gold sovereigns mark the 200th anniversary of their flagship bullion coin. The coin is a reproduction of Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic design from the 1821 original version including the border. The Sovereign first launched back in 1489, issued under King Henry VII in 1817 and then reproduced under King George III. The Pistrucci design is with some distinct differences than the first version. Bordering the design on a belt are the words “HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE”, which translates as “Evil unto him who thinks evil of it”. In his hand, instead of a sword, St.George holds a broken spear. There are some other minor tweaks in the following years but those are the main two differences. The obverse of the 200th anniversary Sovereigns features the newest official portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right that appears on other British coins.

Struck in 22 Carat Gold, the 2017 gold sovereigns are available in multiple ways. There’s a selection of three sets, one of which is the only way to get the Five-Sovereign coin. The three smaller coins are also available individually. All coins /sets are shipped with the high-quality polished wood box that the Royal Mint uses regularly, and all contain a Certificate of Authenticity from the Royal Mint.

For more details please visit The Royal Mint website.

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