2020 Solomon Islands UFO Shaped Silver Coin

2020 Solomon Islands UFO Shaped Silver Coin

PAMP Suisse issued the unique “Flying Saucer” shaped coin on behalf of the Government of Solomon Islands. This beautiful 1oz pure silver coin is having a face value of $2 and its a legal tender. This 2020 Alien spaceship-shaped coin also having a rainbow-like hologram finish to give an extraterrestrial finish.

UFO’s (Unidentified flying object) was fascinated and puzzled the world for decades, May claimed the sights of extraterrestrial spacecraft or Alien ships. Still, any government or government agencies never confirmed they exist. The study of UFOs known as ufology and many of the “Ufologists” and a percent of public believe the “aliens” visit Earth and it’s a massive cover-up by the governments. There are 1000’s of UFO sightings reported from around the world; most of them are fake, but there is a handful of them still can’t be explained by the scientific community. Some of them are “the alleged 1947 UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico”, “Barney and Betty Hill UFO abduction,” “Phoenix Lights – 1997 UFO sighting in Arizona” and the “1942 battle of Los Angeles.” There are 1000’s movies produced worldwide on UFO  and Alien theme.

The reverse of the 2020 UFO coin features the unique and detailed holographic shape of an Alien spaceship. The obverse shows the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II along the inscriptions: weight of the coin – “1 OZ 999.9 Ag”, Her Majesty’s name -“ELIZABETH II,” the issuing country – “SOLOMON ISLANDS,” the face value -“2 DOLLARS”, the year of issue- “2020” and the coin serial number. The coin is having a limited mintage of 3000 coins worldwide. The coin will be shipped in a UFO-themed case, along with the serialized Certificate of Authenticity.

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