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2018 Blue Petrel Titanium Coin from Pobjoy Mint

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The Pobjoy Mint has issued another coin in their popular “Titanium Coin Series” featuring the blue petrel, a small seabird. The 2018 Blue Petrel Titanium Coin is a legal tender of the British Antarctic Territory and having a face value of £2. The coin weighs 10 grams and a Diameter of 36.10mm. Each coin is technically unique and varies slightly in colour because of the way titanium reacts to the coin minting process. There’s also a “lined effect,” on each coin which is unique to titanium.

The blue petrel is the only bird from the Halobaena genus and a member of the Procellariiformes order. The Blue Petrel is a pelagic bird, they inhabit the southern oceans ranging as far north as South Africa, Australia and portions of South America, An adult Blue Petrel bird can reach about 200 grams in weight and a length of 30 cm. They can be easily identified with their white underside and face with a blueish grey topside. The only time Blue Petrels visit the shore is when they breed, they lay one egg which takes about 50 days to hatch and the chick fledges after 55 days.

Reverse of this coin features a Blue Petrel diving into the ocean to catch fish. Two other Blue Petrels also featured at the reverse, flying in the sky and looking for their prey. The obverse features Pobjoy mint’s exclusive effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The blue petrel design is available in cupro-nickel and titanium versions. The titanium coin measures 36.1 millimeters, weighs 10 grams and has a limited mintage limit of 7,500 pieces. The cupro-nickel version measures 38.6 millimeters, weighs 28.28 grams and has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces worldwide. The Titanium coin presented in an acrylic capsule which is packaged in a red box with a CoA. The Cupro Nickel coin comes in Pobjoy Mint’s exclusive blue pouch.
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Picture Courtesy- Pobjoy Mint

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