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Yodelling Silver Coin from The Swiss Mint 0

Yodelling Silver Coin from The Swiss Mint

     Swiss Mint Yodelling Silver Coin The art of yodelling features on latest silver coin from the Swiss Mint, yodelling is one of the country’s most familiar and recognisable national activities. It is...

United States Mint 2017-S Silver Proof set 0

US 2017-S Silver Proof set

         US Mint 2017-S Silver Proof set The United States Mint announced the launch of 2017-S Silver Proof set . as the President $1 Coin Program ended in 2016 with the...

The Penny Black stamp 0

World’s most valuable and rare stamps

The world’s first postage stamp Penny Black issued on May 1st 1840, there are millions of stamps produced worldwide thereafter.The below list gives a glance of the rarest and most valuable of all stamps...

1964 Kennedy half Dollar 0

Kennedy Half Dollar’s Story in Short

The US Mint’s goal of producing Kennedy Half Dollars initiated in January 1964 with a very condensed timeline. Coining of the first Kennedy Half Dollar Proofs commenced immediately thereafter. Production of regular business strikes...

UK 2 pound coin 0

Rare UK £2 Coin

If your £2 coin has the Queen’s head upside down it could be worth a lot more than its face value, the coins show the Queen’s head rotated clockwise by around 150 degrees. This...

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